Why do you need TipsterLand?

Why do you need TipsterLand?

In this chapter of our history we will explain what TipsterLand is and why it is an essential tool that you should know if you are in the sports betting sector. To do this, we must first explain what a Tipster is and what a platform is.


What is a Tipster?

A Tipster is a sports betting specialist whose objective is, both free and paid, to send sports tips to their followers so that they obtain a long-term profitability.


Why is a Tipster important?

It is not easy to earn long-term money in sports betting, simply because you are playing against a company, generally a millionaire, with a multitude of resources aimed at making its odds or multipliers as faithful to reality as possible. This implies that, if the bookmaker offers you a 2 odds, in which there would be a 50% chance of hitting it, not only does it estimate that there is approximately 40%, which translates into its commission margin, but also in the vast majority of markets, this probability will be very close to the real probabilities of the condition indicated in the bet.

If we want to earn money we will have to find different odds of the reality of a match, for example, that a team has among it casualties, an important player, and that said decision is not yet public, or that they are going to play with juveniles, among other possible situations.

Possessing this information is not easy, and studying all these factors takes time that not everyone can afford, so, in the vast majority of cases, it is preferable to delegate this responsibility and work to a service with a consecrated profile, or what is the same, a professional Tipster.


What is a Tipsters platform?

To understand how a platform works, we are going to present a situation: A sports betting tipster or tipster tells you that his service is very profitable and that you should pay for his premium, but why should you believe this person? What makes you trust him? In the vast majority of cases, this job is untested and turns out to be a long-term losing service. The reality is that very few people manage to make a long-term profit, and it is much easier to pretend than to demonstrate. The platforms appeared for the purpose of demonstration.

Basically, the platforms show whether a Tipster is a winner or a loser by registering all their bets and their results to later show a set of information called statistics. Statistics are the resume of a tipster, and as such, it is essential that they are verified by a third party, since otherwise they could be manipulated.

A platform is simply a system that balances the ecosystem between Tipsters and gamblers. An essential tool for both groups that fight for transparency, clarity and reliable, truthful and verified information.


From the gambler's perspective

The advantages of using Tipsterland for the monitoring and hiring of Tipsters by a bettor are extensive, and one of the most important is that you receive verified information with which you can analyze a service before risking your money. Using this platform we avoid being deceived by people with bad intentions who will not hesitate to manipulate information in order to profit themselves financially. Although a platform sometimes fails to prevent malicious tipsters from entering, they are easily identifiable and are kicked out effectively and quickly.

Instead of hiring the Tipster directly, at Tipsterland it is done through an intermediary, the platform itself which will ensure the client's interests.


From the tipster’s perspective

It is difficult to stand out in an industry flooded by people and services with bad intentions, and it is very likely that, if you have a profitable long-term strategy, it will go completely unnoticed due to the rise of the former and the scarcity of the latter. Who would hire a tipster whose only tool and proof of his work are his own words? Who would risk following a service that has not proven to be a winner? Obviously no one, like no company should hire workers without a CV.

Tipsterland is in charge of generating that resume through the bets that the Tipster raises, of showing its long-term profitability, and, if it stands out from the rest of the services, promoting it to facilitate the entry of new clients. 


So what is TipsterLand?

TipsterLand is a Tipster platform that solves the problems mentioned above and provides enormous advantages for both Tipsters and clients. It is a moderator of both parties who fights for the transparency and veracity of the content, facilitating the confidence of the Tipster in the client and the client in the Tipster.